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Practice Supervisors

Just as we always need Counsellors, we also need Practice Supervisors; Individuals with sound recent experience of Counselling work are preferred, but those with supervisory experience only can be considered. For more details, please contact the Manager.

Receptionists/Cover people

Much of our contact work with clients occurs in our Kirkwall Office in the early evening, between 5.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. It is always necessary to have the Office manned whilst Counselling is taking place, to maintain a safe and quiet environment for client and Counsellor. If you could offer a couple of hours now and again, and wish to gain an insight into the sort of work we do, please contact the Manager.

Board Members

Working on a Board of Management might not seem from the outside to be exciting, but we can again offer an insight into the management of a fast-growing organisation, team working in the voluntary sector, partnership working with the statutory sector, training events and an understanding of strategic and operational planning. Alternatively you may just wish to help with an alcohol/drugs/generic Counselling agency, and “put something back” into Society.

If you interested in any of these positions please contact the Manager Simon Gordon.