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Having become aware of clients with drug problems we commissioned a Drugs Rehabilitation Needs Assessment Report earlier on in 2001 to assess the need for OACAS to provide a counselling service and how to best design and develop such a service.

We help people who are suffering from the effects of substance misuse.

These substances may be:

Substances must be treated with respect. The misuse of substances can lead to wide ranging problems and considerable difficulties in various areas of our lives: relationships with family and friends, employment, finances, health (physical and psychological) and involvement with the law, amongst others. Even small infrequent amounts of substance use affects the behaviour of individuals to some extent.

Most people who develop a substance misuse problem would previously have considered themselves to be only a ‘recreational user’. The question is: what caused the change?

Substance abuse/misuse problems can occur for a variety of reasons. It’s not only a matter of the amount or type of substance used, but of how, why and where substances are used, and the company they are used in.

This misuse may be by either their own use, or because someone they are close to (spouse, family member, friend) is using drugs.

We can assist those who want to reduce and/or terminate their substance misuse; maintain their rehabilitation; and help with relapse problems.

Our aim is to limit the effects of substance misuse on individuals, families and the community, by providing a full counselling and support service.