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The Youth Counselling Service is the evolution of our Young Persons Alcohol Advisory Programme (YPAAP) that we started in September 2002. YPAAP was based on a scheme operated in Paisley by Renfrew Council on Alcohol. It was developed because of the concerns over the lack of follow-on services to assist under-age drinkers, who had come to the attention of the Police, Children’s Reporter, Social Work and NHS Orkney. In addition to helping children it also involved their parents, who often collude unknowingly in their children’s drinking.

An early intervention scheme – at the point of crisis – was thought to be more effective than the general addiction education available in the schools at that time. The Aim of YPAAP was to provide an integrated referral, alcohol education and counselling service in Orkney for the Police, Children’s Reporter, Social Work and the NHS Orkney.

What do we offer?

We offer a service which is designed to provide a safe environment for young people to openly discuss problems or issues they are having in their personal life, where appropriate within one week of initial contact or referral. Referrals can be from the various sources such as: Careers Scotland; Children's Reporter; Criminal Justice; Doctor; Family Members; Home School Support Worker; Hostel House Parent; Orkney College; Pastoral Care; School; Social Work Children & Families; Support Training. Young people can also contact the Service directly by phone, email, dropping-in or through a friend already using the Service.